What we feed our mind is what we become. The challenge with most of our current beliefs is that they are often developed unconsciously or without direct critical thinking on our part. We do not have control over others or our environment. We only have control over ourselves. How we receive and allow information to affect and impact us. At SDFC we use soccer to keep players engaged and teach them Personal leadership and Mind Mastery. When confronted with a challenge, disappointment, stress or deep hurt, how do players respond? We focus on finding significance. This is a deep investigative process that we are implementing as a part of our homework curriculum for our 3 or 6 month members. We teach that leaders master the ability to use their circumstances and their emotional response as an opportunity for growth and change. When a door closes, it is because there is another door opening. We teach young leaders to use their emotions to guide them and master their emotions.

By Creating specifically designed emotionally challenging situations for players as a part of our curriculum, we help players learn how to deal with challenges on and off the pitch. We help players disco er the driving forces and reasons behind their actions and behavior. We teach them how to control and influence their choices. They learn to embrace and enjoy obstacles.

Just like great leaders, great players are not born. Natural talent only takes you so far. Great players and leaders are made.

Youth Leadership